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Halkla İlişkiler Uzmanı
Endişelenme ki: Melanet, Nefretinle Yaşamasın!
Español Meğer Ne Yaygınmış!
Eh Medya Neden Yoktun?

Escrıbır Magnıfıcente Narracıón : ¡Yo!

Según la a la narración: Aladdin, el campesino de Agrabah. Se enamora de la princesa Yasmine y pide a su amor también, de que el genio. “-No, no p…

Everyday is Meaningful and Noticable @Apple, Yours?

Although I do not own any Apple products, I probably know Apple’s history better than most Apple users. I was always inspired by Apple’s mission, whi…

Exactly Modellıng the New! You?

I read many years ago… Anthony Robbins, an author of world-wide best-seller Unlimited Power, was saying: “If you could not do anything in you…

Enslavement Must Not be the Youniverse!

Isn’t it difficult to talk when a cold sore grows on your lips? At least, you know that even though it would give you an uncomfortable feeling , you s…
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