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Emrah asks 4 a Mentorship. No/Yes ?

Hi my jobless-friend. How do you do? I gues you have been bored just like me huh? for looking for an opportunities to land in? However not to achieve …

Hi my jobless-friend. How do you do?

I gues you have been bored just like me huh?

for looking for an opportunities to land in? However not to achieve one yet?

On the other hands, it’s also be possible that you may wave the white flag??? and gave up of all possible benefits if you find any?

Ama üzülme senin suçun değil bulamamak ,

But, please do not be get sad! It is not your fault to not find any job

Do you know why?

I do not know the world’s condition but here in Turkey youth unemployment sucks!

Do you know, what does it mean? It means over three million young people are on the street with no job!

Let’s add 2 million to it anyway! who cares?

Clearly, do not blame the faith!

How you can blame yourself if your country does not support productive economy?(factories, high added value goods? etc.) Instead prefer opening Shopping malls, and constructing new good looking buildings?

But what do they say?

We are being proud of our youg, dynamic and enegergetic population.

That’s nonsense!

As youngs, by becoming locomotive of our country; we are here to make the economy skyrocket easily however we even cannot be phaeton?

Don’t ya think I Am right?

Yes, we can easily squeeze the rock, but we are all unemployed!

We’re all unemployed but so strange:

Employers complain:

“Cannot find what I am looking for, a good employee”

Job seekers also complain:

“Cannot find what I am looking for, a good job”

so I am complaining too sir! Look here;

I cannot find what I am lookin for; even so I cannot be found by the job recruiters as well!

How will this work? I mean JOB?

So, I check out and got that this work/JOB cannot be done this way. So guess what I did?

Hürriyet İK – 19 june 2016 > Emrah BAYILDIRAN | The Apprentice

I gave an advertisement on daily well known Newspapaper.

I wanted the job seeker to find me, not me to find em! ?

Yes, really I mean it, I said:

If I would like to become a Communications Specialist of a Company yet cannot communicate and publicise myself well, what da heck? What will they do with me? pickle?

Don’t ya thik that I am right???

Hey! do not go anywhere, we’ve just started!

I am a professional student… My friend…

I’ve finished 1 AAS and 2 bachelors (*) ’till now!

Free to say idleness or boredom, It’s finished.

And this is not all the degrees that I earned so far, before my graduation of 2nd bachelors in Istanbul University,

I also got pedagogical fomation degree on PR as well.

Yes, serious. I am a teacher too!

I deeply addicted to studying thing; I almost get into the New Media and Marketing master programme as well (first substitute)

Then; once I come to my senses, I realized that I need a job!

eeeh the question is : how someone can find a real job???

Listen my friend; I’ve got fluent English and recently I am trying to improve my spanish as well

I’ve got tones of certificates from the courses such as: marketing, advertising, social media etc.

As you see I am fully ready to rock. In other words I am officially screaming that I am here! but who hears?

Probably you say:

Study study? until what to hell? Why do they disclose you out of the crowds? Did not you work in some place ever? You should gain an experience first!

Haha, believe me or not, ı would just going to state that!

Don’t ya think that I worked ever? Is it possible?

Thanks to god buddy, I’ve got an experience… Did not I do Waitering? or Looked after child? (I was an aupair once in UK-true story!)

Hard to believe but yes, I even walked the dogs ?

İyi de iş dünyası için yeterli mi bunlar? diye sorarsan

If you ask “is it really adequate for professional business world???”

I would instantly reply as “Sure,Yes!”

İnsan ilişkileri konusunda kitaplardan daha etkili bu işler…

For Human Relations believe me This all more important than the other stuff!

But I got you;

Gimme some more time, listen to the end..

My dear friend,

The day came and I found myself as an owner of my on Translation agency, [ -but I sank like a titanic ? ]

The day came and I found myself as an assistant and translator of well known construction projects of the world

COJAAL concertium / Cezayir Doğu-Batı Otoyol Projesi / Proje Toplam büyüklüğü: 11.6 Milyar $

Then the days and even montsh went by, home sick ended. I am back to my home town.

The deadly end: I am unemployed once again!

Thanks to god that I did not feel worklessness so much, I found another project which is 6 months long. The duty was similar to latest, this time, I became an assistant of expatriate team translator & assistant

and its ended too! Result: I am unemployed one more time! ?

Venue: Erzincan / Gold Mine Construction Project

Do you know what I realized while I was working in Erzincan?

The business world is cruel.

You need to well educated and super competent on your profession, other words this is a “must!”

Just after the gold mine project, I had some job offers from good companies.

But here’s the craziest thing “I did not accept ’em!

önümü göremiyordum çünkü,

The companies are okay, I could go like that for a while…I could save the day!

But for good positions and earning a good life for future. I guess I need more I said

iyi pozisyonlar için daha fazlası lazımdı sanki…

So I gave my own decision

İkinci defa Üniversite okuyacaktım.

Instead of making a master, why I do not start everything from the beginning, open a new page I said

Hep istediğim o bölüme kaydımı yaptırdım: Halkla İlişkiler ve Tanıtım.

Yep! I enrolled for a second bachelors, the programme deeply I wanted many years ago, Public Relations and Publicity

Sorry my friend I noticed that I stole your time, but do you know why I told you all that?

Its so hard to explain in one single statement

I told you because;

I know that you are unemployed too, I told you because I do not want you to lose your hope

I told you because, I wanted you to not give up! wanted to urge, to push you look for a job

Güzel günler ve beklediğin işe sahip olabileceğini bil diye anlattım.

I told you because, I wanted you to believe that “there’s a good job for everyone, so you can find it”

Thats why I told you all.

Ne diyeyim kardeş işte böyleyken böyle, işimiz ;

dilerim en kısa zamanda sen de bulursun gönlüne göre bir !

So, my friend as you see, business is businesss;

hope that soon you’ll find your own business

So do I?

İş bulayım diye bir ilan vermediğim kalmıştı

believe me In order to find job I did everything. except giving and ad on paper!

Yep’ Thanks god that I did that tooo!

Do you know what?

I changed my mind. I do not look for a job any more!

I look for a mentor from now on!


since competency is critical it’s a one unique and sincere call to business world; Businessmen, Managers, and all HR specialists…

Hey there I am looking for a master, I wanted to benefit of your experiences, I’d like to be your Apprentice

in other words

I, Emrah BAYILDIRAN, really, asks 4 a Mentorship!

So what do you say?

No/Yes ?

will you hear me now? ?


Para pul istemiyorum.

Değerli tecrübelerinizden istifade etmek

Çırağınız olmak istiyorum


eh sesimi duyarsınız sanırım artık???

N’olur duysanız

bi duyun be :((


Professional Apprentice of PR

ahanda sanırım duyuyorsunuz.

Teşekkür Ederim. O zaman; Çırak adayınız Olarak

İşverenden beklentilerimi açıkladığım proje dosyam burada

PS: Why did I write that?
Son iki senedir pasif; ancak Nisan 2015’ten bu yana aktif bir biçimde iş arıyorum. Özellikle’de son aylarda yapmış olduğum başvuru sayısı hatırlayamayacağım kadar fazla! I’ve been looking for a job for about 2 years
Görüştüğüm firmalar olmadı mı? Oldu Elbet!
Kah Körfez geçiş Projesi için ümitle haber bekledim, kah Apple‘dan… Kah başka bir şirketten…
Ancak hiçbiri beni son görüştüğüm firmalardan biri kadar hayal kırıklığına uğratmadı.
İsmini vermek istemediğim dünya devi bir elektronik perakende zincirinin expat COO’suna Yönetici Asistanı arıyorlardı. Tamı tamına birer saatlik üç ayrı mülakat ve olumsuz hiç bir şey yok!
Ancak olumlu/olumsuz haber veren de yok!
Tüm süreç yaklaşık 2.5 ay sürdü. Artık hayır deseler sevinecek durumdaydım ki ne dediler beğenirsiniz?

“Pozisyonu süresiz askıya aldık”

İş arayanın halini en iyi iş arayan bilir. Sizi madden/manen bitirir.
Aday yitirilen paraya acımaz!
Üzüldüğü, yitip giden Zamandır çünkü!
Para bir şekilde kazanılır, ama ya Zaman ?
Benim gibi zamanı çalınmış 3 milyon genç yaşıyor bu ülkede!
Bize zamanımızı geri verin!
Vermezseniz sizinle #İşimizİş

Bu ülkede Milyonlarca Çırak var!

Bu ülkede Milyonlarca Çırak var!

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