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Enslavement Must Not be the Youniverse!

Isn’t it difficult to talk when a cold sore grows on your lips? At least, you know that even though it would give you an uncomfortable feeling , you s…

Isn’t it difficult to talk when a cold sore grows on your lips? At least, you know that even though it would give you an uncomfortable feeling , you still have the ability to talk!

But, have you ever imagined not having the ability to talk at all? If you were speechles? For more, there were no sign language at all! No way to communicate?

Lets say that, you stuck on an island on your own, in perfect health… This time there is no failure on your sense of hearing! The only problem is your loneliness.Who to talk to if there is no one else present? Or is it worth to talk?

What if you have no chance to communicate with others? For days and weeks? What would be your re-action in this situation.. Would you feel the side effects of being alone such as starting to talk with yourself due to feeling socially deprived or do you create a character to talk?


Do you remember the movie “Cast Away” which Tom Hanks stars in it?
The social tie of him with the volleyball which he named “Wilson” and the devastation that he was felt when he lost Wilson?

Do you also remember the scenes of his friendship with Wilson? How he takes out his anger on it, or the moments that he laughs with it?

Wilson – Cast Away

As you may know… Hanks founds himself on a deserted island after the plane crash… In the wrecks of the plane, he notices something! A volleyball! He draws a face on it with his blood! He sets a friendship with it.Until he manages to escape from the island on a primitive raft ,he never stops communicating with the ball!

-No worries Wilson! We will be alive We will be alive!

However, after the huge ocean-storm… In the morning… Wilson floats away!
He tries to save his friend! But he cannot!
He cries:
– I am Sorry Wilson, Sorrryyy!!!***

Can human live without communication?
Imagine a baby crying as a way of communication .! Isn’t it first way of communicating for babies in the event of being hungry or thursty.

So, can we say that communication is a indispensable physiological need like water and eating and we need it until the day we die?


First, the invention of writing… Then, the huge coverage of the media via the help of developed technology. And now social media which has its own language!

Even though the forms of communications is changing…

Don’t you think people still needs their voice to be heard and kept informed. ?


More clearly, what is communication?

Communication is the act of transferring of the information , feeling, notion from one place to another. Isn’t it?

What about mass communication?

Mass communication is a process of communication in a large group of people by the help of a medium. Right?

So, what is setting up a communication with people involves then?

UN – Human Rights

It ıs the freedom of expression. More over; according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, freedom of expression is the right of every individual to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

it is surely beyond doubt that “freedom of obtainment of information is the key of modern democrasies!”

Turkish constitution, Article 22 clearly states:

“Secrecy of communication is fundamental. Communication shall not be impeded nor its secrecy be violated, unless there exists a decision duly passed by a judge in cases explicitly defined by law, and unless there exists an order of an agency authorized by law in cases where delay is deemed prejudicial. Public establishments or institutions where exceptions to the above may be applied will be defined by law”


Principally, we are such a country that who interiorize freedom of obtainment of information and the communication. Ironically, our history holds lots of restrictions on the legislation of press freedom,.
Since the law Takrir-i Sükun (4 march 1925), we moved like two-steps-forward-one-step-back on press freedom. The form of this attitude is called “Mehter marching.*”

Lately, Turkey has fallen down the ranks of the Reporters Without Borders (RSF) World Press Freedom Index, dropping to 154th on the annual list.


As you may know:

Turkey’s president, Abdullah Gul, said on Tuesday(18.02.2014) he signed a legistlation which is signed by the members of the government to tighten the controlling measures around web use for residents in Turkey.

After his decision,
many academician and statesman started to ask :
is the new internet legislation against the freedom of expression and human rights?
is my freedom of expression stifled?
Is censorship coming back?


The responses from the International Community followed shortly



Is Censorship Coming?

According to the annual report from U.S. think tank Freedom House, Turkey is declining in terms of freedoms and rights! The internet access in Turkey is limited and it is subject to the same censorship policies that apply to other media. The internet is partly-free!.
That is why the new law regarding the Internet that’s been approved by the Turkish Parliament is raising concerns over the protection of freedom and rights in Turkey. The fear is obvious, everyone asks: What if Turkiye becomes like Iran or China?

With the law signed; Mr. Abdullah Gul, Turkey’s president, has given the Turkish telecoms regulator (TİB) powers to demand that internet service providers bar access to web pages within four hours if they are deemed to infringe privacy.

The international communities and politicians says:
the bill had “the potential to significantly impact free expression, investigative journalism, the protection of journalists’ sources, political discourse and access to information over the internet”.

with regard to the dominant view, “it’s censorship!”

That is why concurrently, Eu and US officials discuss sanctions to Turkey!


Response does not just come from abroad!

For example, Well known Turkish newspaper Radikal launched an online campaign to protest at the internet curbs, erasing news stories, pictures and columns from its website once every four hours. .(#4Saat)

Some web-sites strike off their news feeds or their logos in order to protest the new internet law! (sosyalmedya.co)

Another interesting reaction has come from the twitter followers.
People close to 125,000 have stopped following Turkey’s President on Twitter after he signed a controversial bill increasing government controls over the internet in the new law.

On the other hand, a significant movement is growing day by day:
In the previous days, Hr Bloggers of Turkey declared a ‘free’ internet manifestation… The free internet campaign seems to created a tremendous impression. Sooner, Tuluhan Tekelioglu, a news announcer , invited Miss. İpek Aral, Hr Specialist and Counselor, as a voice of Hr Bloggers on her broadcast at artı-1 TV. She started an open-debate and asked:
“Is the new legislation against of freedom of speech?” “Is it against our natural human rights?”


So what can we say? As we can understand from the reactions., the concerns are serious. Most people are afraid that the press black-out days which happened in early years of Turkish State are happening again! They do not want to recall enslavement of the Dark Ages!
Besides, there’s no doubt that the prevention attemps of freedom and the fear that follows it does not suit the image of modern 21st century Turkey.
Shared Wisdom, does not want a press council once again.
So now, we should decide!

If our aim is to achieve a well established democratical state,the privilege of law being higher than any person or state,freedom of law ımplementation and keeping law affairs completely unbiased by anything,

Can we say that we are on the right track?

Moreover, the Republic of Turkey is a signatory of the European Convention on Human Rights and submits to the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights. Venice and Kopenhag criterias. So Do we act accordingly to Europian Convention?

What we would gain by shading our freedom of communication which we acquired at birth?

Don’t you think that the dark clouds are creeping on top of us?

At least, Shouldn’t we need paying attention to the response raising in the squares and streets of Turkey?


At the end, we should give a shout!

Does not the possibility of restricting freedom of expression

or just the suspicion of it, means entering the era of darkness of freedom?


Ask yourself, once again. And answer!

Can you live without communication???

Remember the ball Wilson, Remember the pain of not able to talk! And the core sore on your tongue!

Be vigilant.

And cry: “Hey consciousness! Hey common sense!”

Darkness is Enslavement!


Enslavement Must Not be the Youniverse!

Author & Translation : Emrah BAYILDIRAN (Orig; Esaret Midir Niyetiniz Yetişin!)

Redaction : Gülten Adıgüzel

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? Turkey ranks 154th in RSF press freedom


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