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Exactly Modellıng the New! You?

I read many years ago…

Anthony Robbins,

an author of

world-wide best-seller Unlimited Power,

was saying:

If you could not do anything in your life, just try modelling!”

According to the writer:

The key of the success is very simple!

In order to gain success in some field you desire,

It would be a good start to copy one’s attitudes who’s good at in his/her business.

The attitude is called



As you appreciate;

It is more difficult to have something from scratch than the copying,

it requires a talent!




Let me clarify:

  • Newton was talented.

He discovered the gravity. He created a Notion from the scratch!

  • Usain Bolt was talented.

He still has so many World records which could not be beaten!

  • Michael Jackson was talented.

He endeared his music and also his unique dance, the moonwalk! with the millions! Do I need to mention that his albums went like hot cakes As well?

Calm down now!

The sun side of the Picture is staying beneath!

It is obvious that it would be boring place if everybody achieves a life status only by using their capabilities. Since there’s not justice for everyone enough in this world, these things may made it worse!

So we can say that, we ain’t need to be a genius like them or have an ultra gifts.

What I was trying to say is:

the skill can easily imitated. However, it is so hard to say it for the given gifts.

Since it was a confusion for me! at the past!

I asked that so many times:

Could it be so easy to achieve this success?

In other words, is it possible to copy the excellence?

Lady Gaga confesses that she follows the footsteps of Madonna:

“I am the hugest fan of Madonna, personally and professionally”

The famous rapper Usher, in 2009 said:

“Michael Jackson told me to be the best I can be and know that as people, we are always making history in everything we do,” he recalled. “I’ll never forget that.”

When Rihanna starts to became a popular Pop Culture Icon, in one of her interview once she said

“I am a huge fan of Mariah Carey and Beyoncé. It’s really strange that I am now joining the same award ceremonies with them. Certainly, I will continue to follow them”

Let’s say that these names which I mentioned above are out of the line, say that they’re highly gifted. They really have they have got

Okay! Have you ever asked how Barack Hussein OBAMA, who’s origin is from Kenya, whom not coming from very wealth family –according to sources upper mid class- became the USA’s 44th and first black president?

As a result of a very different affair, In the year of 2013 and in front of the media broadcasters, Obama, suddenly, confessed the secret of his success.

He was saying that he owes all it to role-modelling.

Obama described the South African leader as

“a man who took history in his hands and bent the arc of the moral universes towards justice.”

Obama, who spoke some minutes after Mandela’s death was announced said Mandela’s life has inspired his own historic path to the White House.

“And like so many around the globe, I cannot fully imagine my life without the example that Nelson Mandela set. And so long I live, I will do what I can to learn from him. Though his fierce dignity and unbending will to sacrifice his own freedom for the freedom of others, Madiba transformed South Africa and moved all of us. His Journey from a prisoner to a President embodied the promise that human beings and countries can change for the better”,

Obama said.


What I am saying is:

One way or another It is clear that everybody is role-modelling some people, sometimes.

If your question is:

why everyone cannot become a successful pop singer, a genious, politician or sportsman?

And if you do not have any answer for it!


Good News! We have one simple answer for that!

Successful people never gives up, are able to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and carry on trying. They see every failure as a chance to improve and learn something new.


Thomas Edison failed 9,999 times to create the light bulb. Just imagine if he had given up after the 9,999th time.

A journalist asked him:

“How does it feel to have failed 9,999 times.”

Edison said

“I haven’t failed, I have had great success, finding 9,999 ways that do not work.”


If you have noticed that before, most people are just wishing! The succesfull guys are taking an action!

Marco Cacciotto / Political Consultant

Marco Cacciotto, a very well-known political consultant in Italy, was on the stage of BrandMarker’14 as a speaker which Bogazici University was arranged at the dates of 15-20 June.

Like the other speakers on the event, he also talked about why important is to create a personal brand like as trademarks.

He underlined the importance of became skilled on one topic! And mentioned how it can help to open new doors for you.

According to Cacciotto, Barack Obama was realized a very successful election campaign on his way to White house! He took an action and he tried a new strategy that nobody did before! He never lost his courage! He worked a lot. And the success came behind of him!


During the campaign period, Obama also gave weight for the digital as well as the conventional media.. He was both on the facebook and the twitter!

You were seeing his slogans on the billboards too! As you understand, Obama was everywhere! He knew how to behave his followers and also speak in their language

Maybe Obama graduated from the best schools of USA; however the real fact which made him a president is not that. He was knowing when and how to act. He knew to take an action! This is the fact of his success.


He was scrutinizing the present samples and moving together with their advisors! And also, he knew that one of his promises was critically important!



Danone Turkey Marketing Director Riccardo Travessos & Emrah Bayıldıran

The Marketing Director of Danone, Ricardo Travessos, also mentioned about the innovation, He was mentioning the importance of looking from the different aspects of the life. Help these people who are blind, who closed their eyes for possibility of success he said. Help to turn those people’s lives into a thankful philosophy!


At this point, he told us about EVIAN, a famous water bottling company which is not just selling simply a water, the company is also selling a life-style!

At the same time, a video started to play at the video-wall. The Evian clip is on the stage! In this strange commercial video, features adults who see their baby selves in their reflections.

A man walking down a street glimpses his reflection in a bus wing mirror only to see himself as a child gazing back. Then after, once the guy stops on the sidewalk to look at himself his reflection as a child and starts dancing, more adults — and babies (duh!) — join in on the fun, sooner.

This video became a phenomenon and received more than 23 million views on Youtube, since it was posted.

We exactly have modeled this campaign,

he said!

Do not afraid to model the successful stuff!! Ever and never!

BJ Cunnigham /Marketimg Guru

“never ever turn a deaf ear to this lies” BJ Cunnigham, a well known marketing guru, told the participants of Brandmark 2014:

• There’s nothing enough in the world. No job, too! So, I am unemployed! (It’s a Lie! There’is enough!, Just Brave! Do not Give up!)

• More is better! (It’s a Lie! More is not better, more is just more. Sometimes, less is more better)

• That is just to way it is. Nothing you can do! (It’s a Lie! There’s so much you can do! we create the change! Wake up and Change your destiny!)


Change.Org West Asia Director Dr. Uygar Ozesmi, said:

“Social changes are not just about getting a result, but creating a new wave.”


Branding is all about emotions and you can influence the people. Because, even they reject it, people are not rational! They are emotional. They make their decision with their emotions! Perception management is the key!

said, Dr. Yener Girişken.


So why do you wait?

Take an action..

Believe me, you have a power to manage people’s perception.

Do it for your favor! and do it now!

From the age of twelve or thirteen, Spielberg knew he wanted to be a movie director. His life changed when he took a tour of Universal Studios one afternoon when he was seventeen years old. The tour didn’t quite make it to the sound stages, where all the action was, so Spielberg, knowing his outcome, took action. He snuck off by himself to watch the filming of a real movie. He ended up meeting the head of Universal’s editorial department, who talked with him for an hour and expressed an interest in Spielberg’s films.

For most people that’s where the story would have ended. But Spielberg wasn’t like most people. He had personal power. He knew what he wanted. He learned from his first visit, so he changed his approach. The next day, he put on a suit, brought along his father’s briefcase, loaded with only a sandwich and two candy bars, and returned to the lot as if he belonged there. He strode purposefully past the gate guard that day. He found an abandoned trailer and, using some plastic letters, put Steven Spielberg, Director, on the door. Then he went on to spend his summer meeting directors, writers, and editors, lingering at the edges of the world he craved, learning from every conversation, observing and developing more and more sensory acuity about what worked in movie making.

Finally, at age twenty, after becoming a regular on the lot, Steven showed Universal a modest film he had put together, and he was offered a seven-year contract to direct a TV series. He’d made his dream come true.


Did Spielberg follow the Ultimate Success Formula? He sure did. He had the specialized knowledge to know what he wanted. He took action. He had the sensory acuity to know what results he was getting, whether his actions were moving him closer to or farther from his goal. And he had the flexibility to change his behavior to get what he wanted. Virtually every successful person I know of does the same thing. Those who succeed are committed to changing and being flexible until they do create the life that they desire.

Do not waste any more time!

Let’s take a Model, take an action, treat like as it is, and ‘till to the final,


I am sure that, the conclusions will come just after that!

So now;

Get a paper! get a pen!

Make a list, write where you want to be!

Start to plan your future!


Fatmanur Erdoğan / Head of Corporate Communications /Coca-Cola /IPPA

Almost two years ago, I have been forced to not to accept my dream job, because of the familial problems.

My financial status was getting worse!

Once, I was aimlessly surfing on the internet. Suddenly, I hit a site named “kariyeryolcugu.com” the headline of the article was Saying “Write a blog, make a carrier”.

I asked myself then:

“Since I am studying BA on Communications! Why do not I write a blog?”


Later on, I read the author’s many writings

And this person was on the stage of Brandmarker’14 17th International Communication & Marketing Congress.

An author of the “White Collar Entrepreneur

Fatmanur Erdogan.


And me…

I am telling myself from this lines, too!

Maybe, I still do not have a considerable career in the field of Communications, but…

Thanks to her,

I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am so grateful.


Do you remember what was BJ Cunnigham saying?

“Belief is everything”

So, that is why


I Completely, believe the things that I can do!


Since, I am a rookie, Exactly I am Modelling the New!

I mean: the things, people…!

Well… ehh…

What about You? then…


Candidate of Corporate Communications & Executive Assistant



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