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Emrah Bayildiran – Apple – SoClose!

Everyday is Meaningful and Noticable @Apple, Yours?

Although I do not own any Apple products, I probably know Apple’s history better than most Apple users. I was always inspired by Apple’s mission, whic…

Although I do not own any Apple products, I probably know Apple’s history better than most Apple users.

I was always inspired by Apple’s mission, which is one of the reasons I steadily mention Steve Jobs in my PR & Marketing Lectures.

Undoubtedly, Steve Jobs has changed the way we view the world through his innovations and vision; a vision which also had an impact on my life, when presenting an opportunity to me one month ago.

As I was hasting towards my Language course in Taksim Istanbul. I boggled by a notification of my cell phone and battery at a mere 1%.

“Greetings from Apple’s European headquarters in Cork, Ireland, “

PR lecture by Emrah BAYILDIRAN – Apple’s Way

I could not believe my eyes, so I made a stop at the nearest Starbucks and checked my inbox to make sure I had seen correctly;

there it was – an invitation from Apple Co. asking me to work for them.

The mail ended with

“Please confirm your interest in this role by contacting me….”

Could this be the long awaited dream job offer I had been waiting for?


After several e-mail exchangers with Apple recruiters at Cork Ireland and further submissions of my CV I was presented with a video quiz.

The position I was interviewing for was “Turkish Speaking Technical Support” (*) which offered a competetive salary and remuneration package (health care, discounts, etc.)

The main responsibility of the job entailed providing support to Apple customers on Apple products, its systems, peripherals and software through the comfort of ones home.

Below are screenshots of the quiz, which starts off easy, and gradually becomes harder, by presenting you with worst-case scenerious testing your reactions to prospective customers.

Apple Video QUIZ

There are 20 question which you only see once. You are given 3 minutes to answer each question.


Am I about to interview with Apple ???

Hi Emrah
We would like to invite you to Interview with one or our Recuiters for the At Home Advisor role.
Telephone Number: ?
Time & Date: Tuesday 12th May @ 9.40am GMT – 11.40am Turkish Time
Interviewer: XXXX

I received this notification 7 days after I took the quiz, followed by a telephone interview. The time had come to proceed to the next and final step: an Interview via Skype.

Skype Int. with Apple Headquarter / Ireland

I expected to be confronted with a very formal interview, but on the contrary, I was greeted with an energetic smile.

I told them about myself, and my knowledge of Apple wheres the recruiter outlined the company’s expectations of the job totle.

One questions followed the next until the final question arose:

“Do you use any of our products?”

the recruiter asked.

I knew this was coming! And I just wanted to hide underneath my covers because my genuine answer was

“No. I do not own any Apple products.”

I noticed the interviewer’s face expression change slighly, although he uttered

“That’s allright, not necessary.

Long story short!

Except for some minor diffuculties, the interview went well. After passing the background check ,I received an e-mail 7 days later:

Hi Emrah,
Thank you so much for taking the time to interview for the AppleCare Turkish Technical Support role. We feel you are a strong candidate; however, we have chosen to move ahead with a candidate who better meets our business needs at this time. If a future opportunity arises, we will be in touch.
With Kind Regards,

Unfortunately I did not make it.

I followed up with the recruiter, asking for feedback as to why they did not pick me, and was surprised to receive a genuine e-mail, as opposed to an automated message:

Hi Emrah,

We have received a very large number of applications for this role and the calibre was extremely high. While we recognise that you do possess some of the skills and experience required, we have selected a candidate who we feel is more suited to the role.

However, I am definetely grateful for this opportunity and on the whole I learned one lesson:

It is a competitive landscape and you can not always win – but you have to keep trying!


so it is obvious that;

you have to work hard and stay on top of your game, to succeed when life presents you with other opportunities like these


If you don’t like to fail or to be seen failing:

Simple, Never ever give up!


Do not forget:

Understand your strengths and your weaknesses. Comparing your weaknesses to someone elses strengths will keep you at a disadvantage.

Failure is okay, and accepting failure is a part of moving forward. Life is a learning process. Just keep learning. And you will move forward.


This time may not be your time. This time was not my time.

But once again, I understand that

Everyday is Meaningful and Noticable @Apple

In order to change the world and innovate, learning is inevitable!


This is a must! What ya think?


Please tell me Yours?

is your life meanigful and noticable ???


if you’re still unsure…


What are you waiting for?

Think Different

Get your a** up!

learn a new language, visit new cities, go to sport!

Even try dancing! or play an instrument!

>>Think Different!>>

I mean

add value to yourself

Do it!

and do it now.


Amaze yourself, amaze the world!


Communications Professional & Motivation Speaker

(*) AHA: At Home Advisor / Turkish Speaking Technical Support

(**) Inmail is a service of linkedIn which is a way to contact another LinkedIn user without the need for an introduction or having direct contact information. (Paid Email)




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    just searched google for the name Steve Jobs. And’ your story man
    it rocks!
    It’s briliant! Amazing
    hope to you will do better in next shots!

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