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Eagerness & Mottos for Next Years?

Bilhan Bilge - Microsoft

Semih Yalman, a professor of Koc University, cried to the audience and asked “Suppose that you are on the plane, and for the first time in your life, you booked a first class ticket. What a coincidence! Warren Buffet sat next to you, Adriana Lima sat next to you! Or, maybe the woman/man of your dreams, Who knows? Here’s the catch! Would you just say Hi! And shut your mouth up??? Or will you present them a piece of story of yours which could add their life a meaning??? What do you propose?

At that moment, I turned my neck to the audience, and stared at to the crowd! Yes, almost all eyes were full of dizziness! Probably, no one dreamed that kind of scene before that because, it’s weird and nonsense! Therefore, non of them ever thought how to present theirselves if some how, they ran across with them. But, Mr. Yalman was so serious!!!

He asked again and again: What do you Propose? What is your dream? What is your story?

Semih Yalman * Koç Üniversitesi

Semih Yalman * Koç University

Sure, everyone has a will and story deep inside of them, but… No doubt! There’s no certain definition of wills! To become rich, made a career, be on cloud nine… However, it’s a kind of word salad which could not be underfilled by clear explanations… How to become rich? How to become happy? Become happy with money power? Become happy by getting the right relationship? Become happy by Making a 3 or more kids?

If you know a kid who goes kindergarten… Would you please ask this simple question… Met with 4-7 aged kid and simply say “Hey Kid! What will you do for your happiness, in the future? Probably they cry “I will be Pilot, I will be an engineer… Sure, they may say “I walk my dog” or “I will be a superman/spiderman and fight with foes for justice”… However, pay attention to that, you would explore the hidden message underneath of it! What is that? “Defining the happiness”

Do you have a will or a motto in this life? Did not you have a dream? But, remember, when you were a child you were dreaming! Maybe you wanted to become a teacher in the past! And what is worse! Graduated but failed on induction? If, teaching is the key of your happiness, can’t you teach??? Come on, seek CSO’s* and give your support to education programs with your wise! or Knock the door and help your neigbour’s son…

Do you want to become a home owner? Great! Want a car? Great! Why not?

Is your dream “a brand new ferrari” or quitting your job to travel the world? Am I bullshitting? Nonsense?

One of the speakers on the event scene, Mr. Hakan Alp was saying:

what an interesting nation/society we are in, when you were a child everyone says – not to make new inventions… No more bulshitting please! We grow up, and then the same populace say –come to us with extraordinary innovations- However, the innovation simply itself means a lot of drool! I mean bullshitting is the key! The problem is, how these people, who raised with same public rules, fears and ethical codes could do innovations? Say that, they did it! Who would support it? Who would ready to establish these new ideas? Are you totally sure that, when an idea comes up, the one’s not to say you cannot put new wine in old bottles?”

The world we knew today, built by the spirit of ideas. In other words, bullshitting! In 80’s the folding doors in Star Trek was so utopic. The tablets? Seems like out of this world! And now, In today’s world we are all using it! Aren’t we? If the inventor of these ideas never drooled? Could it be happen, today? Could we make video calls???

So, as we understood from the passage ! The bullshitting is the key! But is it enough?

Saruhan Doğan - Finansbak G.M. Yardımcısı

Saruhan Doğan – Finansbank Vice President

What is a good person? How to be a good person? Who we call good person? Do we refer a person who works much or who speaks much, as a good person? Did you notice that who we remember mostly? What, Semih Yalman said in the beginning? “What is your story” He did not say in vain. Because we only remember, the one’s who has stories. For instance, do you have any story?

Finansbank V.P Saruhan Dogan said:

“I do not say you need to become a book-worm… But please do not waste your time in front of the idiot-box! Read novels, let your imaginary world work for you! If reading is tough! Not watch soap-operas, instead, prefer to watch meaningful cinema films, watch it to save ideas. Thereby, you’ll see, you would have lots of stories to tell”

Speaking of stories, Here’s an interesting story is coming out:

Imagine that, You’re walking with Çağla Şikel, a famous Turkish model on the same stage! Your, body is in good condition and you’re so fit! And yes, you’re making a lot of money! You’re making so much money that you could get brand new sport motorbike, at the same day after your work with your bonuses! The man, who I want to introduce you has got an extraordinary profile! If I say, This guy was, collecting credit card approvals while he was working on podiums. Would you believe me? The reason was simple “he was thinking that his modelling career is temporary” And I want to ask you right now, please tell me! If you do not have any future aspects, a vision? Can you do what he was doing ? Just for 200 Turkish Liras per month (100$) ?

Bilhan Bilge - Microsoft

Bilhan Bilge – Microsoft

The person who I am introducing you is different. He worked for 15 mega companies in 10 years, we can say he changed his business in every 1.5 years! I am calling you HR guys, who’s instisting that the constancy is important! If you’re thingking that it looks bad on CV’s. Please tell me then? Why are you, calling this guy everytime? I guess, this time I know the answer! You’re calling him. Because, You want to transfer the story of other companies to your society! What happened to your strict rules then???

Okay, let me give you the name! The one I am talking about is Bilhan Bilge, Microsoft Turkiye, Advertising Country Manager. A one who cries frankly like “When I Learned that, I have no chance to get early promotions in same place by waiting anual job performance reviews, I decided to promote myself by changing the companies

So, now I would like to ask again, as Mr. Yalman told us, If Mr. Bilge has no stories, could he gave us a speech in 31.10.2013?

Let’s go back to dreaming! At the end of the conference, Mr. Yalman talked about Michael Jordan, who achieved his goals in NBA. Then suddenly, the lights went off! And Yalman asked:

“You are calling this as a dream? Think again” –

He screamed : “My Dear Pal, would you come on to the stage!??

Bumerang - Yazarkafe

Righ after that call, Everyone, saw a giant person… Ibrahim Kutluay! An old Turkish NBA player!

İbrahim Kutluay - Semih Yalman

İbrahim Kutluay – Semih Yalman

His parents never supported him when he was a child. Actualy, he had no talent on basketball! One day, the coach of Fenerbahce gave him a chance unexpectedly. The coach needed 12 players, and because there were only 12 applicants! He earned the elections. Just after that, he gave himself a promise, he wanted to use this chance on his benefits, worked hard. And dreamed

Suddenly, Yalman asked:

What was your dream Ibrahim?

“become a successful player on NBA, and want to hear the cheers of auditorium”

Free Ferrari

Free Ferrari – Hasan Vatan – Owner of Vatan Computer

Ok, let me rewind the passage a little bit… Remember, I said “am I bulllshiting”? I asked if you would like to have a house or ferrari. Still seems, impossible! Right? But, did you remember what Hasan Vatan, an owner of Vatan Computer said? How he, had an ferrari? With no money? That was, his dream. He wanted a ferrari, but he did not want to pay for it! One day, he asked for one his vendors. “How much sales makes you feel good?” He said : 25.000 units. Hasan Vatan asked: If I offload 50.000 ? Will you buy me ferrari?

And I guess, the photo clearly decribes the result of the bet!

What about a world tour? I met a guy in Ataturk Airport before the Sacrifice Holiday eve. He travelled from Ozbekistan to Turkey, on his foot. I am not kidding! While we were waiting my collegues flight, this guy came over where we sat. Proposed us a tea from his teapot. We did not ask his story but he begun

“I am walking about 8 months. When I came to Turkey. I stopped at Trabzon. The people in this city was lovely, they gave me a job to work, food to eat and put a pocket money in order to come Istanbul. In sultanahmet, the shopkeepers collected money for me and bought my flight ticket. Eventually, I am going to macca tomorrow”

I asked myself. Why did not I take a photo with him? His self reliance made me cry. He deeply wanted to go Macca, And he did this with no money! With all this samples, I cannot stop to think, Do we really need money?

Maybe you’re asking. Hey Emrah what was your dream?

It was so simple. I needed to overcome my stage Fright. Mr. Bilhan Bilge was on the stage. It would be so good if I Had a picture with him while over 200 people were watching us. Since, its extraordinary, I dreamed the applause of the people. And yes I did it. In unxpected time, I asked him about my will. Sure, I got a huge applause,too :)”

And you my friend?

Haven’t you thought yet what would you say if Warren Buffet or Adriana Lima Sit next to you?

by the way! May I ask:

Really: “What is your will or motto?

Have you dreamed “Any Eagerness and Mottos for next Years” in your very short life?”

Author: Emrah BAYILDIRAN

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Emelin ve Motton Nedir ki Yaşamda???

(*) CSO : Civil Society Organization

Ps: (E)agerness & (M)ottos for (N)ext (Y)ears? (E)melin ve (M)otton (N)edir ki (Y)aşamda?

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